Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County

Designed by:Dushanka Mangoska

Address: 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820          Tel: 732.494.3232        Fax: 732.548.2850         Email:  

Designed by:Dushanka Mangoska



Monday – Friday

5:45am – 10:00pm







Adam Glinn

Director of Development

Tel: 732.494.3232 ext. 3614

or 732.593.5965


Paula Rann

Director of Fundraising & Member Services

Tel: 732.494.3232 ext. 3609


For your convenience you can now make your gift online

through our secure network by clicking: here

To make a Gift to the JCC of Middlesex County you may:

• Click the link here and make a secure online donation;

• Call the JCC front desk at 732.494.3232, and provide your Credit Card information (which will be securely entered);

• Mail your Gift, payable to the JCC of Middlesex County, to:

JCC of Middlesex County, 1775 Oak Tree Road, Edison, NJ 08820; or

• Visit us at the JCC to deliver your Gift personally.

Remember the JCC as You Plan Your Year End Giving!


Please Remember the JCC!!

Thank you!

We bid farewell to 2018, and we thank you for your support. The positive impact of the JCC this year and throughout the years was made possible because of you. For that we say, THANK YOU!

As you make your year-end, tax deductible charitable gifts, we ask that you remember and consider the JCC by making a Gift to the JCC, in honor or in memory of a loved one, in support of a program that touched you or someone close to you, in appreciation for the impact of the JCC on your family, your children, your community, or simply because you value the experiences of today and hope to be part of the new experiences of tomorrow.

Please consider the many ways you can make a tax-deductible gift to the JCC. Your gift ensures a strong, enriching future for the JCC and all those who enter our doors and are touched by our services. We appreciate any gift that supports our mission, enabling the JCC to continue to maintain a vibrant community.

As we approach the end of the year, please consider a donation to the JCC. Your tax deductible donation enables the JCC to continue and expand our positive impact upon the community. We appreciate your support. Thank you.





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