Jewish Community Center of Middlesex County

Designed by:Dushanka Mangoska


JCC Senior Adult Club   In honor of the JCC of Middlesex County


Arlene & Arnold Keller

Jacob Scovronek

List of Donors


Heritage at Clara Barton

  Assisted Living  

Sue & Alan Horwitz   In honor of our children Marc & Rachel and Rachel & Joshua



Brightstar Homecare;

Owner: Reeta Aggarwal

Sondra & Joel Caplan   In honor of our children Elisha, Lee & Corey who attended  nursery, school and camp at the “J”

Karen & Jeff Daichman  In memory of Samuel Daichman

Deli King of Clark

Claire & Charles Eisenstein  In memory of Susan Miller

Euro-American Brands

Robert S. Maurer DO   

Doris & Leo Terr

The Oscar & Ella Wilf Campus

for Senior Living               Mazel Tov on reaching 30 years of wonderful service to the community


ASPEN  Asperger Autism   In honor of our JCC Senior Adults

Spectrum Education Network

Sondra Blacker   In honor of The Blacker Family

Sally Borenstein   In memory of Louis Borenstein

Arlene & Joseph Borowsky  In honor of the Devoted Staff of the JCC

Brighton Gardens of Edison

Edie Davidove

Friday Afternoon Bridge Group In honor of Sue Horwitz

Arline & Arnold Gottlieb  In memory of All

Lillian Handel    In memory of my sister, Isabelle Eig & in honor of JCC Senior Program

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Kleiman

Marilyn Lipshultz   In memory of husband, Herbert Lipshultz

Sheldon Waltuch, DMD, MS  

Rabbi Gerald & Vivianna Zelizer In honor of the JCC Senior Program


Marcia & Donald Bershtein  In memory of Anna & Jacob Bershtein

Marcia & Donald Bershtein  In memory of Henrietta & Irving Kadish

Edison Family Restaurant

Lois & Mel Gelade

Rhoda & Jerry Grossman  In honor of Sue Horwitz

Blema & Joseph Hoffman  In honor of the JCC Staff

Re Kaplan    In memory of Steve Kaplan

Regina Adamovsky

Sonya Kaplan    In memory of Leonard Alban

Henry Karger    In memory of Rachelle Karger

Shirley & Harry Korbman  In honor of Chad & Seth Kaplan and Emma Seidman

Sara & Josef Korngruen  In memory of my sisters Doris & Kitty

Elliot Kramer    In memory of David Schultz

Dorothy & Gil Margon

Roberta & Murray Miller  In memory of our dear friend, Priscilla Glinn

Barbara Rosen    In memory of Irving S. Rosen

Elaine Siegelbaum   In memory of Morris & Emily Siegelbaum

Christiane & Harry Silla

Lois Sobel    In memory of Evelyn Braunstein

Judy & Sy Tabak   In honor of the JCC Senior Program

Ruth Willig    In memory of Evelyn Braunstein and in honor of  Sue Horwitz

Bernard Zuckerman   In memory of Frances and Robert Zuckerman

Blanche & Alvin Loux    In honor of 61st Anniversary


Dr. & Mrs. Jerome Abrams  In honor of 89th birthday of Jerome Abrams


Aimee & Ken Braverman

Barbara Brown    In memory of Eugene Brown

Volma Coen    In honor of the JCC

Eileen H. Contrino   In memory of John Contrino

Ruth Davie    In honor of Sue Horwitz and the Senior Programs

Davene Dultz    In memory of Harvey Dultz

Lena F. Feld    In honor of Paul G. Friedel

Fay & Bill Feldman

Matilda Fink

Belle Galpen    In honor of my beautiful, special family.

Doris Geller    In honor of my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren

Sue & Sam Gilbert   In honor of Mike & Becky Gilbert

Judy Golden    In honor of Brian Golden’s graduation from Penn State

Marilyn Greenblum

Kitty Haberman   In memory of Irving Zocks

Edy Hittcon    In memory of my parents, Pauline & Irving

Susan & Gil Hollander   In honor of the JCC 30th Anniversary

Barbara Hornstein

Sorie Knox    In honor of Marsha Knox

Neil Landau

Lorraine Lapidus   In memory of George Lapidus

Beverly & Robert Lazarowitz    In memory of our grandson, Paul

Seena & Al Lerner

Marilyn & Stan Loewenthal

Diane & Barry Mael

Steve Marburg

Barbara & Stanley Moskowitz  In honor of Jacob, Sam, Hannah, Zoe, & Nathan Moskowitz

Rena Mullin    In memory of Albert Mullin

Reneé Quint    In memory of Arthur Quint

Esther Rabin    In honor of my granddaughters Cassidy, Lauren and Morgan

Eleanor & Irving Ross   In memory of Jake Bergman

Marilyn & Jacques Schmied  In honor of the Senior Programs

Shirley Schulman   In honor of Sue Horwitz

Edna G. Sherber

Judith Simet    In honor of my children and grandchildren

Virginia Sokolowski   In memory of Joseph Sokolowski

Mona Stein    In memory of my parents, Anne & Irving Lampert

Arthur Sudfield    In memory of Reana Sudfield

Claire Warech    In honor of the JCC 30th Anniversary

Clara Weinstein   In honor of my children, grandchildren & great grandchildren

    In memory of my grandson Seth Shaw

Louis Worman    In memory of Helen Worman

Sandy Zelm    In memory of my husband, Bernard Zelm

Shay Kless



Esther Barcun    In memory of Jane Tousman

Muriel Berger

Ruth Candeub

Geraldine Davis   In memory of Rose Handler

Mary Fasano    In memory of Daniel Fasano

Lorraine Itzkowitz   In memory of husband Irv Itzkowitz

Ruth Milgram    In memory of Otto Milgram, my loving husband

Josephine & Jerry Plotkin

Dorothy & Marvin Rubinstein

Doris Seikaly

Cynthia & Al Steinberger

Celia Wallach    In honor of the Senior Club

Ellen Ward    In honor of JCC 30th Anniversary

Laura Walshin

Harriet Wendell

Vivian Weiss    In honor of Sue, Thelma and Diane. For the wonderful programs always.



30th Anniversary Celebration

We gratefully acknowledge those in our community who have made a contribution to our Senior Adult Programs in honor of this JCC milestone